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Underdogs Volume 2



Run with the Big Dogs

Ari’s notoriety leads her to a case that becomes more complicated with each step she takes.

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dale’s father comes for a visit and her fabrications leave Ari in an awkward position. Several, actually.

Tamer Animals

The wolf takes over Ari for a night, which leads to an awkward morning between her and Dale.

Dog Years

Ari reunites with someone from her past while looking for a long-lost treasure.

Wolf Whistle

Ari has a hard time concentrating on her latest case.

Dog’s Best Friend

One of Ari’s late-night excursions from Dale’s point of view.

Cat Tails

On their first Valentine’s Day as a couple, Ari takes some advice from an ex-girlfriend on how to romance Dale.

The Runt

Ari is confronted by a pre-teen girl who is insistent on hiring her.

A Dog’s Life

Dale and Ari celebrate a very special anniversary.

The Fidelity of Dogs

Dale is forced home for a visit when a favorite aunt falls ill, leaving Ari alone for a week.

Cry, Wolf

Ari is summoned to the death bed of the woman who trained her to be a private investigator.

The Bulldog Breed

Sequel to “Barking Mad,” featuring the English canidae pack that shows up in Dogs of War. In the aftermath of the pack’s sexually adventurous night together, the individuals are left trying to make sense of the encounter. (includes m/m, m/m/f, f/f, and m/f pairings as well as sexual situations in wolf form)

Love Me, Love My Dog

Ari and Dale exchange notes on their first anniversary.

No Dogs Allowed

Ari makes a promise to Dale, and receives a lead that could potentially close an ongoing case.

What the Fox Says

After an argument, Ari and Dale find themselves facing a potentially life-changing situation.


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