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Underdogs Volume 1

Ariadne Willow is a private investigator in Seattle. With her assistant Dale Frye, she investigates cheating lovers, missing children, and whatever else you need to hire her for. Ari has a secret weapon: she is canidae, with the ability to turn into a wolf at will.

When the chips are down, always bet on the underdogs.


Private investigator Ariadne Willow uses her unique ability to follow a woman’s daughter.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Ari is hired to prove a man’s infidelity, but the truth is far stranger than she would have guessed.

Dog With Two Bones

Ari tries to split business with pleasure while trying to decide if she should tell her new girlfriend about her “other half.”

A Dog’s Breakfast

After a canidae blackout, Ari finds herself naked and far from a stash of clothing. She’s forced to improvise, which could cause more problems than it solves. (contains a threat of rape).

In The Company of Wolves

Dale embarks on a new relationship while dealing with Ari’s secrets.

Thrown To The Wolves

Ari takes an extremely personal case while trying to deal with Dale’s new relationship.

Pack Mentality

Ari infiltrates a pack of canidae thieves in order to take them down from the inside, while Dale starts to worry that Ari is getting too close to the thieves.

Hair of the Dog

After the events of Pack Mentality (available for free in Underdogs: The First Stories), Ari and Dale need time to adjust back to normal.

Coyote Ugly

The pain of Ari’s transformations starts to take a physical toll, forcing Dale to make a potentially relationship-killing step to help her.

Dogs Playing Poker

Ari infiltrates a poker game to sniff out a suspected murderer.


Ari’s doctor asks her to help when a human patient is bitten by a canidae.

Wet Dog Blues

Lily Kimbrough has a truckload of Canadian hooch to get to Prohibition Seattle, but that’s not the real reason she’s aching to get home.

In The Doghouse

Ari’s nature as a canidae causes problems at home.

Packs of Dogs and Cigarettes

Ari is hired to find a girl who seems to have vanished into thin air, but the investigation leads to her own past.

Dog Fight

Ari crosses path with an unscrupulous private investigator during a case.

Barking Mad

A British pack of canidae meet and pair off at a pub known as The Bulldog.

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