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Feb 15

Puppy Love

  Summary: A few days before Valentine’s, Dale finds herself investigating a possible stalking case on her own while Ari is on a stakeout. (set after Dogs of War)

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Dec 09

Full Moon Rising

(originally appeared in the “Of Hexes and Hauntings” anthology from Witty Bard Publishing) Set after Dogs of War, so beware spoilers!   Summary: Ari has always been concerned about someone seeing her transform, but she discovers there can be bigger problems from an unexpected shift. Finding herself trapped in a sticky situation, she and Dale …

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Jun 11

Dog Fight

Summary Ari crosses path with an unscrupulous private investigator during a case.

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Feb 23

A Dog at the Flea Circus

. Summary: Dale convinces Ari to accept an uncomfortable invitation: dinner with her mother. (takes place after “Dogs of War” and includes spoilers!)

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Oct 01

Sit. Stay.

Summary: Ari and Dale suffer through the search for a new place to live following the events of “Dogs of War”.

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Sep 26

Wolf Whistle

Summary: Ari has a hard time concentrating on her latest case.

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Aug 25

Pack Mentality

Summary: Ari infiltrates a pack of canidae thieves in order to take them down from the inside, while Dale starts to worry that Ari is getting too close to the thieves.

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Aug 25

Coyote Ugly

Summary: The pain of Ari’s transformations starts to take a physical toll, forcing Dale to make a potentially relationship-killing step to help her.

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Aug 23

The Fidelity of Dogs

Summary: Dale is forced home for a visit when a favorite aunt falls ill, leaving Ari alone for a week.

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Jul 24

No Dogs Allowed

Summary: Ari makes a promise to Dale, and receives a lead that could potentially close an ongoing case.

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