Feb 23

A Dog at the Flea Circus


Summary: Dale convinces Ari to accept an uncomfortable invitation: dinner with her mother. (takes place after “Dogs of War” and includes spoilers!)

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Oct 31

Isle of Dogs

Summary: Battered and bruised, the British canidae pack return home in the wake of wolf manoth.

(Contains m/f, m/m, m/m/f, and f/f scenes. Follows Dogs of War and contains spoilers for the novel)

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Oct 15

Wet Dog Blues

Summary: Lily Kimbrough has a truckload of Canadian hooch to get to Prohibition-era Seattle, but that’s not the real reason she’s aching to get home.

Author’s Note: I’ve written extensively about modern-day canidae (Ari and the British pack in Barking Mad), and I’ve written about long-ago wolves with Agatha Westreich, and I’ve always wanted to write stories about other historical canidae. This is the first in hopefully several stories about other wolves through the ages. It proves that Ari wasn’t the first wolf to fall for a human, and other stories may show that not all humans are as understanding as Dale when they see their partner shifting. For now, enjoy a Prohibition-era wolf!

Author’s Note 2: Lily’s method of smuggling may seem completely bonkers, but it apparently really happened. People were serious about their hooch!

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Oct 13

Underdogs: Dogs of War

Seattle is under siege.

An ancient ceremony known as “wolf manoth,” in which human hunters kill as many canidae as possible, has been revived. The hunters have arrived in force, focusing on the Pacific Northwest due to its high wolf population. Ariadne Willow, alerted to the danger by her mother, goes undercover with a group of hunters in an effort to minimize the damage. Unfortunately the hunters have a new weapon, a drug that brings out the feral side of any canidae exposed to it. With her safety and sanity both at risk, Ari is forced to trust a friend turned enemy in order to stay alive.

Meanwhile, Dale is cut off from her friend and partner and faces the wrath of drugged canidae and hunters who are eager to make an example of a human who has been consorting with a wolf. Chased through the city and forced to take refuge wherever she can get it, Dale receives help from unexpected corners.

Separated by circumstance and under attack from threats both human and wolf, Ari and Dale must do everything in their power to keep the body count down while also staying alive long enough to find each other again.

Dogs of War is available on Amazon or wherever fine ebooks are sold!

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Oct 13

Doggy Bag

Summary: Ari and Dale investigate a creepy customer at the sandwich shop they frequent.

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Oct 01

Sit. Stay.

Summary: Ari and Dale suffer through the search for a new place to live following the events of “Dogs of War”.

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Sep 26

Wolf Whistle

Summary: Ari has a hard time concentrating on her latest case.

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Aug 27

The Bulldog Breed

Summary: Sequel to “Barking Mad,” featuring the English canidae pack that shows up in Dogs of War. In the aftermath of the pack’s sexually adventurous night together, the individuals are left trying to make sense of the encounter. This story takes place prior to the events in Underdogs: Beware of Wolf. (includes m/m, m/m/f, f/f, and m/f pairings as well as sexual situations in wolf form)

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Aug 25

Pack Mentality

Summary: Ari infiltrates a pack of canidae thieves in order to take them down from the inside, while Dale starts to worry that Ari is getting too close to the thieves.

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Aug 25

Coyote Ugly

Summary: The pain of Ari’s transformations starts to take a physical toll, forcing Dale to make a potentially relationship-killing step to help her.

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