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Classical Canidae

There have always been wolves in the woods… It’s time to meet a few.

By the Frost of a Northern Night

Werewolves are being flushed out of England by the hundreds due to wolf manoth, and many of them have found refuge in Scotland. The local wolves find their resources running low due to the recent flood, so Sidheag of Pack Hadley accepts a contract on the life of Lady Arietta, Marquise of Innes. Sidheag has killed before, but when the two women finally meet face-to-face they begin a chain of events that could change them both forever.

Marking Territory

Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich are pursued by hunters and canidae alike as they search for remnants of Simon’s group. They stop in a small town peopled by criminals to wait out a rainstorm and meet a potential new ally in their cause. (Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich Part One, following Wolf at the Door)

Wolf on the Fold

Three years after the events of Wolf at the Door and the short story “Marking Territory”, Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich are still seeking out the last remaining disciples of Simon Lehner. Their search brings them to the town of Ayrs, where a council has come up with a potential way to bring peace to both human and canidae once and for all. (Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich Part Two)

Mate for Life

Years after the war between humans and canidae, and after years of traveling eastern Europe in pursuit of monsters, Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich have finally settled down to a quiet, normal life. (Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich Part Three)

Wet Dog Blues

Lily Kimbrough has a truckload of Canadian hooch to get to Prohibition Seattle, but that’s not the real reason she’s aching to get home.



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