Feb 15

Puppy Love



A few days before Valentine’s, Dale finds herself investigating a possible stalking case on her own while Ari is on a stakeout. (set after Dogs of War)

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Dec 09

Full Moon Rising

(originally appeared in the “Of Hexes and Hauntings” anthology from Witty Bard Publishing)

Set after Dogs of War, so beware spoilers!


Summary: Ari has always been concerned about someone seeing her transform, but she discovers there can be bigger problems from an unexpected shift. Finding herself trapped in a sticky situation, she and Dale have to rely on the help of a newfound ally… who happens to be an old girlfriend.

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Jun 24

Barking Up the Wrong Tree


After “Dogs of War,” Gwen Willow visits London in the hopes of finding a bit of romance. She winds up being successful, but not in the way she expected.

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Jun 11

Dog Fight


Ari crosses path with an unscrupulous private investigator during a case.

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Apr 08

Wolf on the Fold


Three years after the events of Wolf at the Door and the short story “Marking Territory”, Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich are still seeking out the last remaining disciples of Simon Lehner. Their search brings them to the town of Ayrs, where a council has come up with a potential way to bring peace to both human and canidae once and for all.

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Apr 08

Marking Territory


(set after Wolf at the Door)

Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich are pursued by hunters and canidae alike as they search for remnants of Simon’s group. They stop in a small town peopled by criminals to wait out a rainstorm and meet a potential new ally in their cause.

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Apr 08

Mate for Life


Years after the war between humans and canidae, and after years of traveling eastern Europe in pursuit of monsters, Johanna Brion and Agatha Westreich have finally settled down to a quiet, normal life.

Author’s note: This may be the final Johanna and Agatha story chronologically. There is still a chance I could go back and cover some of their monster-hunting or their first days on the road. I’m not closing the book on them entirely. But this story was requested by a very dear friend of mine, and I couldn’t resist exploring how these two ended up.

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Mar 13

Dancing with Wolf


Ari and Dale attend a fancy party to catch their client’s husband in the act, prompting Ari to ponder marriage. (set after “Dogs of War,” with only minor spoilers)

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Feb 27

By the Frost of a Northern Night


SummaryWerewolves are being flushed out of England by the hundreds due to wolf manoth, and many of them have found refuge in Scotland. The local wolves find their resources running low due to the recent flood, so Sidheag of Pack Hadley accepts a contract on the life of Lady Arietta, Marquise of Innes. Sidheag has killed before, but when the two women finally meet face-to-face they begin a chain of events that could change them both forever.

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Feb 23

A Dog at the Flea Circus


Summary: Dale convinces Ari to accept an uncomfortable invitation: dinner with her mother. (takes place after “Dogs of War” and includes spoilers!)

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